About Us

Al Khebra Al Fania Company for Mine & UXO Clearance is pleased to express its readiness to execute all duties entrusted to it with a guarantee of a high level of accuracy in execution for the safety of its employees through a high level of training on special equipment. The Standard Operation Procedures (S.O.P.) are accurate and developed rules for the field works, which go in line with the international procedures for demining and clearance of the unexploded ordnance. For the purpose of achieving a high level of accuracy in completing the works entrusted to it, we use some procedures for specific tests, which are done in two stages:

Stage I:
This stage includes testing of equipment and employees during training for many times to ensure that the application of the procedures is correctly done and that the use of modern equipment is perfectly and accurately performed.
Stage II:
This stage includes testing the area which has already decontaminated by allocating random areas within the decontaminated area to ensure that it is 100% clear and clean by using special procedures called specific test.

Al Khebra Al Fania is characterized by having a special authorization granted by the Directorate for Mine Action, of the Ministry of Environment, under which the Company can practice the following works:
-General survey.
-Technical survey.
-Manual mine clearance.
-Exploding of remnants of war ordnance.
-Surface decontamination of battlefields.
-Undersurface decontamination of battlefields.
-Performing and ensuring the quality assurance and quality control procedures.
-Awareness of the dangers of mines

Al Khebra Al Fannia Company has a staff of personels with a very high level of efficiency , technically and educationally . also she has enough expertise to administrate, planning and performing the private enterprises for the operation of surveying , clearing , decontaminating and exploding operations.
Also most of our employees has got an expertise certificates in this field issued by the International Companies like RONCO.