Fixed Speeds
1500 | 1800 | 3000 | 3600 r/min

Maximum Power
1500 r/min—8.6-9.4kW
1800 r/min—10.6-11.6kW
3000 r/min—14.7-16.1kW
3600 r/min—14.5-16kW



The LPW Series Engines are water cooled and available in a range of specifications to suit generator, pump and industrial applications for use in unregulated emissions territories.They are durable,hard wearing, reliable and easy to maintain with oil and filter changes up to 500 hours, dependent on operational conditions. It is designed for continuous operation in ambient temperatures up to 52°C (122°F) and a cold start capability down to -32°C (-25.6°F).


▪ Diesel fuelled and approved for operation on biodiesel, that conforms with ASTM D6751 and EN14214, concentrations of up to 20%
▪ Direct fuel injection
▪ 2, 3 or 4 cylinders
▪ Liquid cooled
▪ Naturally aspirated or turbocharged


▪ Fuel lift pump
▪ Mechanical governing
▪ Individual self-vent fuel system
▪ Fuel injection pumps
▪ Fuel filter / agglomeration
▪ Thermostatically controlled cooling system with
belt driven coolant pump
▪ Radiator with fan and belt guard
▪ Gear driven positive displacement type
▪ Spin on full flow lubricating oil filter
▪ Skid base packing

Cooling System Liquid
Minimum Full Load Speed 1500 r/min
Maximum Full Load Speed 3600 r/min
Number of Cylinders 2L
Bore 86 mm
Stroke 86 mm
Displacement 0.99 litres
Injection Direct
Aspiration Natural
Starting Electric
Firing Order 1-2
Compression Ratio 19.5:1
Max Operating Temp 52℃(122℉)
Weight 158 kg
Length 699 mm
Width 565 mm
Height 647 mm