Metal Clad Cell Sections

Metal Clad cell types consist of 5 main sections. These sections are divided by metal curtains, and movable curtains and insulated transition equipment are used in transitions to ensure continuity.

A – Low Voltage Section
This section contains all secondary circuits for control (measurement, protection, monitoring, communication and other associated systems).

B – Circuit Breaker Section
The following equipment is used in the circuit breaker section:
– Vacuum Circuit Breaker
– SF6 Circuit Breaker
– Vacuum Contactor
– Fused Voltage Transformer
– Mechanisms and Locks
– Movable Curtain

C – Busbar Section:
In the busbar section, there are electrolytic coppers, insulators and gate sleeves selected in accordance with the rated current. Access to this section requires special instructions and safety precautions.

D – Voltage Transformer Section
In this section, there is a combination fuse + voltage transformer. Security is provided by mechanical locks and curtain mechanism.

E – Cable Compartment
The following equipment is used in this section:
– Current transformer
– Voltage transformer

Surge arrester – Grounding switch
– Capacitive voltage divider
– Cable gland and connection parts
Access to this section requires special instructions and safety precautions.

Metal Clad Cell Safety Considerations

Metal Clad Switchgears are the switching system that provides the best protection in air-insulated systems. It is designed to prevent explosion or damage to peripheral devices in the event of internal arcing.

Each section of the Metal Clad Cells is separated by metal partitions, providing a high degree of security. Short circuit, short-term current and internal arc tests have been tested in accredited certified laboratories in accordance with IEC 62271-200 standards. It is in IP3X protection class to protect from the external environment.

Metal Clad Cell Various Precautions

Mechanical locking provides security measures against incorrect use and applications. It is ensured that the door does not open when the circuit breaker is in the test position and is not grounded, or that the circuit breaker does not move to the service position while the door is open. While the breaker is in service position, grounding of the line is prevented.

It is possible to lock the breaker in service and test position. The hinge and lock system has a solid structure and is a firewall against faulty operations. The IP surveillance window on the breaker door allows you to see the status of the breaker. The breaker compartment and the movable curtain breaker in the cable and busbar compartment close in the test position. The curtain can be locked when the cutter is removed. Insulated transitions are used for the passage of breaker poles. The grounding switch can be locked in accordance with insulation and line safety. The security of the line as a whole is ensured by communication and signal systems.

Maintenance and Control

Armtek “ARMC Series” offers greater reliability, greater security and maximum ease of maintenance. Production facilities are ISO-9001 certified, quality is assured with extensive design and production tests.

The low voltage compartment provides sufficient space to easily test and replace internal wiring. The independent busbar compartment is configured in such a way that it does not affect any accidents in adjacent panels. Therefore, it does not pose a risk when performing maintenance and control in other sections.

Maintenance and inspection times are minimized since all equipment can be easily disassembled and installed.

Metal Clad Switchgear Advantages

LSC2B Maximum Service Continuity Grounded metal partitions between the partitions, Maximum human safety with AFLR internal arc test feature, Safe against operational errors with electrical and mechanical interlocks, Fast circuit break feature and easy maintenance with withdrawable type Vacuum / SF6 Breakers Continuity in the grounding system can always be increased with the Modular compact design capacity Short-term withstand test 31.5 kA / 3 s. Long working life – 10,000 switching cycles (m2) Easy and safe use designed with all safety measures After-sales service and spare parts availability

Relevant Standards

IEC 62271 High Voltage Switchgear and Controller – Common Features
IEC 62271-200 High Voltage Switchgear and Controller (up to 52kV AC)
IEC 62271-100 Alternating Current Circuit Breakers
IEC 62271-102 Alternating Current Disconnectors and Earthing Switches
IEC 62271- 105 Alternating Current Switch Fuse Components
IEC 61869-2 Current Transformers
IEC 61869-3 Voltage Transformers
IEC 60273 Post Insulators
IEC 60051 Electrical Measuring Instruments
IEC 60255 Secondary Protection Relays
IEC 61243-1 Voltage Determination Systems