EK-1A Download File in various and requested sizes
Download File in various and requested sizes
Download File in various and requested sizes
ARPK Series Prefabricated Transformer Substations are manufactured in accordance with type tests taken from accredited laboratories, IEC 62271-202 standard and TEDAŞ MYD specification. Advantages: * Safe Operation * Possibility of on-site assembly and disassembly * Easy transportation and commissioning * High strength with our own production certified concrete * Suitable manufacturing solutions for all projects


ARCK Series Concrete Kiosks

ARCK series MV-AG Prefabricated Monoblock Concrete Transformer and Distribution Centers are products designed for MV LV electrical facilities and manufactured according to relevant international standards and specifications.

Usage areas

It is used as
MV/LV Transformer center
– MV Distribution center
– LV Panel cabinet – Generator cabinet in electricity generation (RES/HEPP), transmission and distribution facilities, and industrial and commercial facilities .

Advantages of Compact Transformer Substations

  • Personnel safety provided by internal arc resistance and protection class proven by type tests
  • Hardware and internal grounding system assembled and tested in a factory environment
  • Use of high-quality electrical equipment in accordance with standards. Long-lasting, durable housing resistant to environmental conditions.
  • Minimum facility area requirement and construction works
  • Easy installation and fast commissioning
  • Portability
  • Aesthetic structure compatible with the environment with unlimited color and surface coating options

Internal Grounding and Lighting System

The steel reinforcement of the concrete enclosure, the grounding terminals of the door and electrical equipment, and all other metal parts that need to be grounded are carried to the potential equalization busbar (copper) using the conductors specified in the standards and specifications.

Compact Transformer Substations

Structural Features

ARCK series Prefabricated Monoblock Concrete Transformer and Distribution Centers consist of the following basic components:
– MV-LV Switching Elements
– Transformer
– MV-LV Internal Connection Elements
– AC/DC Auxiliary Voltage Source
– Operational Safety Equipment