Rated Voltage 11-36 kV
Maximum Rated Power (KVA)
2500 kV
2-40 Metre
Internal Arc Resistance (according to Access A and Access B)
Protection Class
IP 65 D


For Special Dimensions


ARSK Series Sheet Metal Kiosks are transformer and distribution centers manufactured from galvanized and electrostatic powder coated sheet metal in desired dimensions for all application areas. Armtek Electric sheet metal kiosks (transformer substation), which can be used in all climatic conditions, meet the medium voltage – low voltage (MV/LV) distribution center needs of electricity distribution companies and special projects.

Technical Specifications

The bases are NPU or NPI shaped according to the load on the ground and the NPU and NPI shapes are covered with hot dip galvanization.


If the customer does not want a different thickness in the frame part of the sheet metal kiosk, it is manufactured from 2mm galvanized sheet.


The doors can be opened 120° outwards and the rate of the impact protection is IK20.


Application Areas

  • Iron casting workshops
  • Oil pipelines
  • Industry
  • Shipyards
  • Emergency and backup power facilities
  • Mining operations



MV Compartment

Metal Enclosed Modular Switchgears, Metal Clad cells and RMU type cells can be used in the MV compartment. MV compartment dimensions are determined according to the equipment dimensions in the compartment.

Transformer Compartment

Dry type transformer and oil type transformer can be used in the transformer compartment. Transformer compartment dimensions are specified according to transformers power.


Technical Specifications

LV Panel Compartment

In the low voltage (LV) room, MCC Distribution Board, AC Distribution Board, DC Distribution Board, HVAC Board, Fire Control Panel, UPS, Scada – RTU Panel and other LV panel can be installed.

Battery-Rectifier Room

The battery room has Ni-Cd batteries and DC cutters. If desired, the battery room can be designed according to Zone 2 Hazardous Area Classification. (optional)

Interior Lighting, Outdoor Lighting

All rooms in the Compact Substation are equipped with a lighting system that meets the standards. When preferred, Atex certified indoor and outdoor lighting equipment and sockets can be selected for Zone 2 Hazardous Area Classification. Emergency exit luminaires can be placed on the doorways. And these luminaires include an emergency lighting unit.


Electrical appliances are connected to an isolated grounding busbar. Separate grounding system is used for doors, base, walls and roof to prevent electric shock in case of touch.


The floor covering is made of fireproof rubber. It has A1 rating and 50kV insulation level. (This feature is optional)

Fire Detection and Fire Extinguishing

All rooms can be equipped with fire and smoke detectors. In case of emergencies in hazardous situations, the HVAC system is deactivated and warning lights and alarm are activated. (This feature is optional)

Air Conditioning System

In the Compact Substation, HVAC can be used to maintain constant internal temperature and humidity. Stabilization in all rooms is provided by air ducts. (optional)


Advantages of the System

  • Since it is a lighter product compared to concrete kiosks, it provides convenience in transportation and installation.
  • Since it is designed in accordance with the elements to be used inside, it can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes.
  • Especially in substations with RMU, they are preferred because they provide great advantages in terms of size and weight.
  • Large centers can be established thanks to their modular structures and prefabricated features.
  • In disassembled shipments to abroad, it provides great savings in terms of transportation.
  • High operational safety.
  • Manufacturing solutions suitable for special projects.
  • Easy transport and easy operating.


ARCK Series Concrete Kiosks

ARCK series MV-AG Prefabricated Monoblock Concrete Transformer and Distribution Centers are products designed for MV LV electrical facilities and manufactured according to relevant international standards and specifications.

Usage areas

It is used as
MV/LV Transformer center
– MV Distribution center
– LV Panel cabinet – Generator cabinet in electricity generation (RES/HEPP), transmission and distribution facilities, and industrial and commercial facilities .

Advantages of Compact Transformer Substations

  • Personnel safety provided by internal arc resistance and protection class proven by type tests
  • Hardware and internal grounding system assembled and tested in a factory environment
  • Use of high-quality electrical equipment in accordance with standards. Long-lasting, durable housing resistant to environmental conditions.
  • Minimum facility area requirement and construction works
  • Easy installation and fast commissioning
  • Portability
  • Aesthetic structure compatible with the environment with unlimited color and surface coating options

Internal Grounding and Lighting System

The steel reinforcement of the concrete enclosure, the grounding terminals of the door and electrical equipment, and all other metal parts that need to be grounded are carried to the potential equalization busbar (copper) using the conductors specified in the standards and specifications.

Compact Transformer Substations

Structural Features

ARCK series Prefabricated Monoblock Concrete Transformer and Distribution Centers consist of the following basic components:
– MV-LV Switching Elements
– Transformer
– MV-LV Internal Connection Elements
– AC/DC Auxiliary Voltage Source
– Operational Safety Equipment