≤ 36kV ≤ 8.000A

CE-BDMT is a busbar duct with air insulation, it composed by standardized or customized modular units in according to customer specification. The casing can be in sheet-steel or aluminum or stainless steel and the bars system in copper or aluminum with segregated phase on requested.



The metal case can be made in sheet-steel or in aluminum or in stainless-steel, with all mechanical features necessary to overcome all test foreseen by international standards. The external surface has been treated with protective coating to protect against the corrosion. Usually, the internal surface is painted dull black for facilitated the thermic exchange. Degree of protection up to IP 65 can be ensured for external installation.

The busbars are made of electrolytic copper or aluminum, they can be covered by an insulating materials suitable to stand mechanical, electric and thermic shocks, or painted in dull black in order to facilitate the thermic exchange. The contact surface of the joints can be silver-plated if requested.

The supports for Busbars are in material insulating auto-extinguishing a low toxic-gas emission.

Other info

Rated voltage up to

kV 24
Test Voltage 1 min up to

kV 50
Impulse withstand voltage up to

kV 125
Rated frequency

Hz 50/60
Rated current on bus bars up to

A 8000
Maximum short-term rated current (1 sec.) up to

kA 80
Maximum peak current up to

kA 200

The CE-BDBT series complies with the main Italian and International
standards, all switchboards have passed the relevant tests carried out by CESI Laboratories