withdrawable for Arc Furnace ≤ 40,5kV

CE-BF Switchboards with withdrawable circuit-braker up to 40,5kV they are designed for use in the meltshop industrial application for command and protection of Tranformers for Electrical Arc Furnace and Ladle Furnace.



In according to the international standards IEC 62271-200 the CE-BF switchboards are classified for “Loss of service continuity” LSC2B.

The circuit-breaker has fixed on trolley with wheels for facilitate the extraction during the maintenance activity and  assicurate an easily substitution. The connection of the circuit-breaker the bus bars is performed with a special floating contacts for absorb the mechanical vibration during the working cycle.


These kind of switchboards can be designed in basic application with a single circuit-breaker or for special application where we are able to make engineering and supply to special customized versions with circuit breakers in parallel or in cold backup.

Engineering and supply of the bus duct and devices for overvoltage protection of furnace transformer.
Light or pressure device to limit internal arc fault duration.

Other info

Rated voltage up to

kV 40,5
Rated power frequency withstand voltage (1min.) up to

kV 85
Rated lighting impulse withstand voltage up to

kV 185
Rated frequency

Hz 50/60
Rated short-time withstand current (3 sec.) up to

kA 31,5
Peak current up to

kA 80
Rated current up to

A 3150
Rated current with two breakers in parallel up to

A 5000

The CE-BF switchboards are complies with the main Italian and International standards, these have performed all relevant test carried out by qualified Laboratories.