Generator and Line Cubicles ≤ 15.000A

CE-LS cubicles series are designed for use in Power Plants mainly as Generator line exit and Generator neutral earthing.


Typically the CE-LS cubicles are uses as interface between Generators, Step-Up transformers and auxiliary tranasformers

The specific desing and construction system allow to customise the cubicles for all clients configurations.

Conductors can be sized and tested for rated current up to 15.000 A

For outdoor application are available version with protection degree up to IP56 or Type 4x



The cubicles can be placed:

  • One one side of the generator (combined neutral and line cubicles)
  • On the  two side of the generator (separated neutral and line cubicles)
  • On top of the Generator
  • Under the the Generator


Interface connection to Generator and Step Up transformer

  • Copper or aluminium bars
  • Bus duct
  • Cabels
  • Insulated compact busbars
  • Isolated Phase Bus Ducts – IPB


Other info

Rated voltage up to

36 kV
Rated power frequency withstand voltage (1min.) up to

50/60 Hz
Rated lighting impulse withstand voltage up to

170 kV
Rated current up to

15.000 A
Maximum short-term rated current 1 sec up to

150 KA
Maximum peak current up to

375 kA
Protection degree up to

IP55 – Type 4x
Ambient temperature

-10°C to + 55°C
IAC Classification A-FLR (1 sec) **

50 kA
Seismic acceleration (type tested)

** Internal arc withstanding in option


The CE-LS cubicles comply with the main Italian and International standards, these have performed all relevant type tests carried out by qualified Laboratories.

Thermal type test can be performed in our internal laboratory with currents up to 15.000A at 50Hz or 60Hz