Withdrawable and fix version 4000A – 100KA

CE-MCC “Motor Control Center” switchboards are designed for use in power distribution and specially for the control and protection of electrical motors.



The different versions and the ideal use of the structure make these switchboards perfectly adaptable to any application and offer the degree of protection that is best suited to the installation’s operational and environmental conditions.

The metal casting is made in a standardized modular steel structure, completely segrergated, that can be easly expandend and comprises the following main parts:

  • Incoming line module
  • Auxiliary switchboards and feeder module
  • Motor starter and feeder module
  • Compartment for horizontal main bars
  • Compartment for vertical distribution bars
  • Compartment for interpanel connection auxiliary circuits
  • Compartment for power cables
  • Compartements for withdravable module (for CE-MCC200E)

Protection against fire is insured by the use of self-extinguishing insulating materials and internal metal plates.


Switchboards can be supplied in the following versions:

  • CE-MCC 100  Front access to all compartments and modules.
    Its reduced size makes it suitable for fitting in particularly small areas.
    Double-fronted switchboards are avaiable on request.
  • CE-MCC 200 Front access for motor starter modules and rear access
    for cable and unboltable bar compartements.
  • CE-MCC 200E Withdrawable modules version with front access to all
    compartments and modules. Its takes-up little space and offers easy
    maintenance, double-fronted switchboards are available in this version
  • For indoor installations with standard degree of protection:
    • IP 30 on outside case
    • IP 20 with open door.
  • Protection up to IP55 is available for specific polluted environments
    with presence of dust and liquids.
  • For special environments and temperatures

Standardized fixed and withdrawable modules:

  • Statoric direct starters (normal start)
  • Statoric direct starters (heavy start)
  • Reversible starters
  • Star/delta starters
  • Double-speed starters
  • Static starters
  • Variable frequency Inverter
  • Line protection (feeders)

Modules, control compartments and auxiliary circuits are designed in accordance to specific customer/installation requirements. CE-MCC switchboards are designed to be easly combined with “Power Center” CE-PC panels, for incoming and outgoing powers higher than 200KW