withdrawable of fixed version

CE-TR cubicles in withdrawable version, are designed for voltage from 7,2 up to 36kV, the concept is the VT disconnection by a truck with or without fuses. The cubicles can be utilised for one or three phases version. The CR-TR cubicles are also designed as a component of each MV switchboards and MV panel.



The VTs secondary circuits are connected by an automatic sliding contacts consisting of a fixed part and a moving part mounted on the VTs truck. This system is protected and segregated. The VTs secondary circuit cables come out from the cubicle by an hole in the rear side.

The main funcional characteristics are, Maximum service continuity, Personnel security and against fire risk, Simple inspection and maintenance, Easy operation installation and connection, standardisation.

The VTs truk insertion is prervent if the front door in not closed. The door opening in permited only with the VTs truck in withdrawable position. Metallic shutter is loked in closed position with VTs truck in withdrawable position.


Each CE-TR can be supplied in the follow versions:

  • Withdrawable with or without fuse
  • Fixed with or without fuse

For indoor installation, normal degree of protection:

  • IP 30 with closed door
  • IP 20 with opened door

With higher degree of protection (up to IP54) for particulary polluded environments with presence of dust or liquids.

Other info

Rated voltage up to

kV 35
Rated power frequency withstand voltage (1min.) up to

kV 70
Rated lighting impulse withstand voltage up to

kV 170
Rated frequency

Hz 50/60
Maximum short-term rated current 1 sec up to

kA 100
Maximum peak current up to

kA 250

The CE-TR switchboards are com