Fixed Speeds
1500 | 1800 r/min

Maximum Power
1500 r/min—280-308kW
1800 r/min—307-338kW

BOSCH Common Rail with ECU


Venus Max 280kW – 490kW Bosch fuel injection

LP612EG1, LP612EG2, LP612EG3, LP613EG1, LP613EG2, LP613EG3, LP613EG4


Producing power in the 280kW to 490kW range, the VENUS MAX range of engines operate at 1500rpm or 1800rpm. Overhead camshaft design guarantees high efficiency and low maintenance, while also meeting Stage III emissions regulations.

  • Bosch ECU-controlled common rail fuel injection
  • Low temperature, high altitude capability; efficient cold starts at minus 40ºC, no altitude derating up to 3000m
  • Efficient cooling at ambient temperatures up to 50ºC,
  • Low operating costs with easy maintenance; deep sump allows 500-800 hours operation without service, and 20,000 hours before overhaul (depending on operating conditions).
Cooling System Liquid
Minimum Full Load Speed 1500 r/min
Maximum Full Load Speed 1800 r/min
Number of Cylinders 6L
Bore 128 mm
Stroke 153 mm
Displacement 11.8 litres
Injection BOSCH Common Rail with ECU
Aspiration Turbo & Air to Air Intercooler
Starting Electric
Firing Order 1-5-3-6-4-2
Compression Ratio 17.0:1
Max Operating Temp 52℃(122℉)
Weight 1336 kg
Length 2208 mm
Width 1155 mm
Height 1488 mm