Fixed Speeds
1500 | 1800 r/min

Maximum Power
1500 r/min—128-141kW
1800 r/min—136-150kW

Denso Common Rail with ECU


Venus Max – 78kW – 308kW Denso fuel system.

LP443EG3, LP443EG4, LP443EG5, LP443EG6, LP665EG1, LP665EG2, LP665EG3, LP665EG4, LP689EG1, LP689EG2, LP689EG3, LP689EG4,LP612EG1,LP612EG2,LP612EG3,LP613EG1,LP613EG2,LP613EG3,LP613EG4.


The VENUS MAX engines produce power in the 78kW to 308kW range. The robust and versatile engine offers Denso high pressure common rail fuel injection with ECU control. High flow oil filters, and cyclone air filter system ensure the engine is always in prime condition. The Venus Max range complies with Stage III emission regulations.

  • Switchable dual frequency of 1500 or 1800rpm
  • Low maintenance – 20,000 hours between overhauls
  • Dependable – high strength cast iron block, easy cold starting down to minus 40ºC, at altitudes up to 4500m
  • Denso ECU-controlled common rail injection
  • Turbo charged, air to air intercooled.
Cooling System Liquid
Minimum Full Load Speed 1500 r/min
Maximum Full Load Speed 1800 r/min
Number of Cylinders 6L
Bore 105 mm
Stroke 124 mm
Displacement 6.5 litres
Injection Denso Common Rail with ECU
Aspiration Turbo & Air to Air Intercooler
Starting Electric
Firing Order 1-5-3-6-4-2
Compression Ratio 16.0:1
Max Operating Temp 52℃(122℉)
Weight 713 kg
Length 1671 mm
Width 876 mm
Height 1213 mm